Opening September, 2022: a new classical music hub in a historic Art Nouveau house in the heart of The Hague!

"Our students get a head start in becoming true artists."

Anna Fedorova, Concert Pianist

Nicholas Santangelo Schwartz, Double Bass, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Co-Founders and Directors

What We Offer

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Lessons with our mentors can be arranged on a regular or part time basis. We recommend a higher frequency of formal training for younger students, while for conservatory or post graduate students, we offer lesson bundles. Students coming from abroad can combine online lessons with visits to The Hague for intensive sessions in person.


Masterclasses & Workshops

We encourage students to participate in masterclasses and workshops to broaden their artistic understanding and instrumental skills. Sessions are with touring soloists, visiting and affiliated professors, and specialists will take place throughout the year. Students can apply in advance for participation in these masterclasses and workshops on our website, as well as sign up to be spectators.


Side-By-Side chamber music sessions take place in the summer, autumn, winter, and spring, each culminating in performances both in our Academy salon as well as at venues throughout The Netherlands. Passing on the experience of coaching through rehearsals and playing alongside great artists in performances is inspiring and enriching, and develops the qualities which rarely can be put into words.

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In Depth Talks and Inspirational Encounters

In this series we host both regular talks and Q&A sessions with concert musicians, promotors, recording engineers, and other individuals at the top of their fields as well as deep-dives into historical topics with musicologists and historians. The goal is for young musicians embarking on concert careers and interested public alike to learn from their stories, insight and expertise.


Concerts, inspirational talks & educational events take place in the intimate setting of the academy salon, as well as at our partner festivals and venues. Our calendar lists all of our events open to the public.

Our Team

Our team of inspiring concert artists offers a unique opportunity for artistic development and in depth instrumental training.

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