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Our Mission

The Davidsbündler Music Academy offers an intensive and innovative method of high level classical music education to dedicated pianists and string players. The Davidsbündler team is an exciting group of performers on today's international concert scene. We are setting out to initiate the birth of a new classical music hub in The Hague and in the Dutch cultural landscape at large.

The idea of the Davidsbündler society was created by Robert Schumann. In his writings, the fictional members of the Davidsbündler were representatives of free-spirited, progressive and open-minded society. These ideals are essential qualities of true artists and embody the modus operandi of our school.

Pre-conservatory, conservatory, & postgraduate students are all welcome at the academy, although we believe the teenage years to be an especially formative time for the students to reach their full potential. We would like to provide the highest quality of musical training, performing opportunities, side-by-side performance with professional musicians, regular masterclasses, presentations and Q+A sessions with eminent performers, artist managers, producers, and recording engineers.

A message to students:

"We invite you, from around the world, to take advantage of this unique opportunity. You will grow and progress in close touch with some of today’s greatest artists, as well as learn from each other and develop musical friendships that will carry you well into your future careers. We will foster your growth as individuals and musical personalities so that you are not only great instrumentalists, but also true artists of your own right. We look forward to welcoming you to our new academy."

Anna Fedorova, Concert Pianist

Nicholas Santangelo Schwartz, Double Bass, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

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A New Classical Music Hub

Davidsbündler Music Academy is situated in the heart of The Hague. With its stunning and iconic 1900's Art Nouveau façade, it opens the doors for artists, music enthusiasts and everyone who wants to immerse themselves in a creative spirit. The Academy offers various educational programs, hosts workshops, masterclasses, and is also available for hire, for musicians to rehearse and for people and businesses to host private concerts or corporate events.

A look inside our new home from September 2022

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