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Information for Students at the Davidsbündler Academy

We believe in helping our students find their own voice. Exposure to different perspectives and having a variety of influences helps young talented musicians develop their musical personalities and musicianship. Those with limited exposure may otherwise become executors of what they are told and limit their growth as artists in their own right. The goal is in fact not to be a "student" but to build confidence in one's artistry, vision and musical approach. International students from all ages and backgrounds are invited to participate in what we have to offer either online from abroad, or through occasional visits to The Hague for intensive sessions.

What We Offer

• Private lessonsStudents can apply to have private lessons with some of our mentors on a regular weekly basis, through a bundle of 10 lessons or in advance for an entire year of lessons. Some of our team are regular teachers and are available year-round, while others have busy touring schedules and have selected periods to offer students for intensive study.

Masterclasses & Workshops: Masterclasses are planned on a monthly basis both with members of our team as well as guest artists.  Performing in a masterclass will be possible by consultation or audition. 

Side-by-Side Concerts:  Four times per year, various chamber music groups of students are formed to have rehearsals, masterclasses and concerts together with established musicians such as Daniel Rowland, Anna Fedorova, Dana Zemtsov, Nicholas Schwartz, Maja Bogdanovic and many others. The students rehearse and perform together with their mentors, giving them a unique opportunity to share the stage with notable concert artists.

In-Depth / Q&A Sessions:  The Davidsbündler Music Academy regularly invites a prominent figure from the classical music industry to talk about his/her area of expertise. Artist managers, recording engineers, journalists, conductors, programmers, promoters and musicians will discuss the ins and outs of the music world. Learning to be a musician requires a lot more than just playing an instrument well. These inspiring In-Depth Sessions are therefore an essential part of the Davidsbündler Music Academy's mission: it helps musicians get a head start in becoming true artists. The second part of each session is Q&A. So if you have any questions for e.g. a journalist, artist manager, PR agent or programmer, this is your chance.

Stay with a DBA Host: The Davidsbündler Music Academy is extremely fortunate and grateful to have a number of music loving generous families who are happy to host our visiting students for a few days and occasionally longer. If you will be travelling from abroad for one of our Educational Events please get in touch and we will do our best to place you with one of them.


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  • 10 One-hour Lesson Bundle (booking flexibility and with the teacher of your choice upon agreement. To be used within 12 months) - ​€ 1250​​​

Important: prices listed are exclusive of VAT. Students 21 years and older are subject to 21% VAT in The Netherlands

* Payments are possible in quarterly installments

Free Trial Lesson

​If an applicant is unsure of their suitability to apply for a place at the Academy, schedule a pre-audition ½ hour consultation lesson with a Davidsbündler Academy professor at no charge.

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