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An Absolute Triumph

An absolute triumph for Davidsbündler Academist, Ivan Petrenko in winning the first prize at the Kharkiv Meets Zurich 15th International Volodymyr Krainev Competition for Young Pianists, one of the most prestigious. The competition normally takes place in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine but is in residence this year in Zurich, Switzerland. Ivan took first prize (no second prize awarded), performed tonight in the winners concert and tomorrow runs back to the Netherlands to perform different repertoire, the Grieg piano concerto, with the Britten Youth Orchestra at Dalfsen Klassiek! At 15, he's already leading the life of a concert artist!

What a week it is with Yulianna Beziazychna winning 1st prize at the Bartok international piano competition in Graz. Today we got the news that the three finalists of the Steinway Concours are Tatiana Abaieva's students at the DBA Jasmin Jin and Yulianna Beziazychna and Borys Fedorov's student at the Sweelink Academy, Ido Andeweg who will be performing in the finals on March 10th at the Concertgebouw Kleine Zaal, Amsterdam. And lastly, Akari Bastiaens is in the finals of the Steinway Competition / Belgium and will be performing in the finals at the Bozar, Brussels on March 3rd.

Master teacher Tatiana Abayeva (with help from Borys Fedorov as well) has a lot to be proud of!! Tatiana and Borys' successes pay tribute to the artistry they share and the enormous dedication they give to their students, as well as the philosophy of the academy to help develop the artistry of these young talents in a cozy and stimulating musical environment.


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