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Masterclass, Side-by-Side & In-Depth Schedule
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Apr 22 | Violin Masterclasses with Rosanne Philippens


Rosanne Philippens is an extraordinary communicator, with an innate musicality and an infectiously joyful yet sincere approach to music-making. Her playing is refined, exuberant and profound, and was described by the Dutch daily paper De Telegraaf as “energetic, sensitive and flawless.” She has performed widely across the Netherlands in the major halls and series both as soloist, director and chamber musician and is now increasingly in demand internationally. During the darkest moments of the Covid pandemic, Philippens channelled her energies into the creation of a new ensemble, the Vondel Strings, with whom she worked intensely and which led to a performance at the Concertgebouw and a new recording of Haydn and Stravinsky, released by Channel Classics.

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Morning: Private Masterclass - 4 participants

Afternoon: Q&A with Rosanne and small ensemble rehearsals

Evening: Salon Concert of light chamber music together with Rosanne

The four selected students are invited and encouraged to attend the masterclasses of the other three students as well.

Apr 28-30 & May 5-7 | Brahms Birthday Celebration Side-By-Side, with Hanna Shibayeva, Timora Rosler, Floor Le Coultre & Mikhail Zemtsov

Brahms turns 190! We are looking for: two Violinists, one Violist, one cellist and two or more Pianists to join our next Side-by-Side project.

Violinists: Brahms Piano Quintet and 3h Private lessons with Floor Le Coultre

Violist: Brahms Piano Quartet and 3h Private Lessons with Mikhail Zemtsov

Cellist: Brahms Piano Quartet and 3h Private Lessons with Timora Rosler

Pianists: Movements from or whole Brahms Quintet and 3h Private lessons, 1h with Hanna Shibayeva, 1h Borys Fedorov, 1h Tatiana Abayeva

Apr 28-30 Quartet Rehearsal & Violin Lessons

May 5-6 Quintet Rehearsals & Cello / Viola / Piano Lessons

May 7 Dress Rehearsal and Concert in the DBA Salon

anna cbouw.jpeg

Apr 25-27 | Piano Masterclasses with Anna Fedorova, Borys Fedorov & Tatiana Abayeva


Concert pianist Anna Fedorova was an official student of her parents Borys and Tatiana throughout most of her student years. Borys and Tatiana were professors of the Kiev Conservatory and Lysenko School for Gifted Children for 30+ years. Together they offer 3 days of immersive masterclasses including 4.5h of one-on-one training, in-depth discussions, dinner and a students concert.

Schedule: TBD

Student Concert: Apr 27, 14:00

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